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Freedom Isn't Free

  • By 7016445337
  • 29 Jun, 2017

But We'll Make It Convenient

The summer holiday is here and vacations are in full gear. A WiFi thermostat offers you the freedom to control the temperature and air quality of your home when you’re away – it’s as easy as using your smart phone.

 When you are in your home, use your WiFi thermostat to check the weather forecast, your home’s humidity and keep your home comfortable for when you return from work or vacation. 

 So enjoy the freedom of living in the USA – and of enjoying the comforts of your home – even when you’re away.

 Happy Independence Day America!

From the desks of the Sunshine Gals

By 7016445337 12 Oct, 2017

Are you thinking about replacing your home’s heating and air conditioning system? Now’s a great time to update these units as incentives are being offered until December 15. There are financing options and possible energy rebates, which will make these updates easier on your budget!

Winter is coming and your furnace will soon be working hard. If it’s old and getting tires, now’s the time to replace it with a more efficient unit.

By 7016445337 05 Oct, 2017

There’s a chill in the air this morning that tells us the colder air is coming. Is your furnace ready for winter?

Annual preventive maintenance ensures that your furnace is operating properly and efficiently. Maintenance increases the longevity of your furnace, saving you money on equipment or service calls.

Don’t get left sitting in the cold. Take care of your furnace so it can take care of you!

By 7016445337 29 Sep, 2017
Don't Forget the Chocolate Chips! 
By 7016445337 28 Sep, 2017
For over 25 years, unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship have made Enviro an industry leader in innovative heating systems. Design, functionality, and efficiency merge to create exceptional products that will exceed all expectations. Whether time-honored traditional or bold and modern, Enviro's dynamic range of products will compliment any home decor. With a complete line of fireplace inserts, zero-clearance fireplaces and freestanding stoves, Enviro has the perfect solution for your heating requirements. Enviro won't just meet your expectations, they'll exceed them...
By 7016445337 21 Sep, 2017

Today is the last day of summer but only according to the calendar. The forecast and the weather man say we’ve got lots of summer left and that means air conditioning.

Air conditioning units can be installed now to keep you cool in these warm days ahead and for many years to come. Spring 2018 will be here before you know it!

Does your current air conditioner need some maintenance? Annual preventive maintenance ensures that it is operating properly and efficiently. Take care of your air conditioning – and heating – units so they can take care of you!

By 7016445337 14 Sep, 2017

Fall allergies can prevent us from enjoying this beautiful season. An ample amount of rain this summer made a better growing environment for natural molds, which are now making it hard for some of us to breathe.

There are several options to improve the indoor air quality at your home – air filtration, exchange systems and more – can help you breathe better at home and be better prepared to head outdoors.

Don’t miss out on fall just because of allergies. Go the football game! Sit at the campfire! Stop at the apple orchard! Breathe easy – and enjoy fall.

By 7016445337 24 Aug, 2017

Back to school, cool mornings and earlier sunsets have us thinking about the coming fall and winter. In some homes, cooler temperatures cause moisture on the windows. An air exchange system can help prevent that.

 An installed air exchange system brings outside air in to keep the air fresh and circulating in your home. When the heating system runs, warm air on the side against cold air outside can cause moisture on your windows; fresh circulating air helps to prevent the condensation on the windows. An operating air exchange system also prevents moisture build-up in “nooks & crannies” that can lead to mold. These energy efficient systems operate quietly and can be easily installed.

No more window wiping on cold mornings! Consider an air exchange system before the leaves fall…

By 7016445337 17 Aug, 2017

Do the members of your family disagree on the temperature of your home? Zoning your heating and air conditioning can resolve that problem. Zoning a system involves installing dampers so that you can better control airflow in different levels, or even different rooms, of your home. It’s an easy fix to keep a home comfortable for everyone that lives there and may be the answer for you.

By 7016445337 10 Aug, 2017

The cooler mornings are reminding us that summer won’t stay forever.   Your garage or workshop can be kept warm in the fall and winter with a unit heater. These heaters can be installed in most buildings and require minimal maintenance while providing comfort for you to continue to work in and enjoy the extra space.

Don’t be left in the cold this winter, wishing you could continue to use your own space. Give us a call for an estimate or with questions.

By 7016445337 27 Jul, 2017

Your furnace needs clean air to breathe. Clean filters keep debris away from your furnace, helping it to operate efficiently. Allergens, pet dander, remodeling dust and more can make your filter get dirty quickly.

Check your filter regularly and change it when necessary. This is one easy step in caring for your furnace and helping it to last longer.

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