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Keeping up With the Latest Advancements

You can purchase a wide variety of heating, cooling, and other home comfort products from Sunshine Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. In business since 1989, we've kept up with the latest advancements and know what will work well in your home.


We offer several energy-efficient gas and oil furnaces. Furnaces with a rating as high as 97 are available. We can also provide you with different options for your system.

There are several options available for homes that are heated with boiler systems. Highly efficient boilers with ratings as high as 95 are available. Our modern boilers come with intelligent features for a smart and attractive look.

Heat Pumps
A heat pump is a heating and air conditioning unit that has the ability to transfer heat from one fluid at a lower temperature to another at a higher temperature. It consists of a closed system through which a special fluid (refrigerant) flows. This fluid can be in a liquid or gaseous form depending on temperature and pressure conditions.

Unit Heaters
Adding heat to a small space such as a garage or shop is easy with one of our unit heaters. No duct work is required and they are easy to install.

Thermostats and Controls
Thermostats and controls are one of the most important components of your home. You can manage the various controls of your home remotely through computers, tablets, and most smartphones. They will help you manage your energy use, adjust temperature and humidity levels, turn on and off lights, lock and unlock doors, and check your security cameras.

It is a challenge for even the best heating and cooling systems to provide consistent temperatures and optimal comfort. There are many problems that can affect this like:
  • Some rooms receive more sunlight while others are in shade
  • Some rooms are closer to the furnace
  • Some rooms are rarely used but receive same heat and cold as others
Zoning offers steady comfort in all floors and rooms by directing more hot or cool air where it is needed, and less where it isn't. You can reduce the energy spent on areas where conditioned air is not needed, thereby, reducing the overall work of the system and prolonging its life. You'll surely love the comfort provided by a zoning system for many years to come.

Air Conditioning

Sunshine Heating & Air Conditioning Inc offers traditional air conditioning that connects to a furnace and duct work as well as ductless split systems for homes that, in the past, might not have had air conditioning.

The efficiency of a heating and air conditioning system is measured in SEER, which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Similar to miles per gallon in a vehicle, SEER is the measure of the overall efficiency of a complete heating and cooling system on a seasonal basis.


Condensers are the outdoor unit of your cooling system. Today’s condensers are as efficient as ever. Whatever size your home and whatever your need, we install air conditioners that are designed to provide summer comfort in your home. SEER ratings range from 13 to 21.

Air Handlers

An air handler is an indoor unit composed of a high-efficiency coil, blower fan, and motor. These elements work together to reliably condition the air throughout your home year after year.

Indoor Air Quality

Allergens inside your home can be more frequent than those that are outside. A central air cleaner and air purifier installed by Sunshine Heating & Air Conditioning Inc can dramatically improve your indoor air quality. You can also control the moisture in your home air, protecting your furniture, windows, woodwork, and more. Our dehumidifiers and humidifiers can run in conjunction with your home heating system.


A freestanding fireplace will add warmth, comfort, and luxury to your home. Stop by our showroom to see our quality fireplace options.

Hot Tubs

Have a vacation at home - indoors or outdoors - with a Sundance Spa from Sunshine Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. Visit our spa showroom to see what we have to offer you.
Hot tubs
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